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Instant Chlamydia Test

SurreyGP provides a confidential, instant Chlamydia test in our discreet and welcoming clinic.  We use the most advanced instant test available.  You are able to take advantage of the recent significant advancements in instant testing. Accurate results are now available from a minimum of 14 days post potential exposure with our simple swab test procedure which takes under an hour from test to result. The procedure tests for Chlamydia antigen.

Accuracy of Instant Tests

Test Incubation Accuracy %
Female Male
Chlamydia 14 Days 93.7 88.3


For our individual instant tests, no matter how many you choose to have, you pay only one consultation fee of £125 in addition to the price quoted per test. You can choose to add on as many instant tests as desired. We also offer sexual health test packages for the most commonly requested test; InFormaInstant6, a package of six instant tests as well as our InForma6 and InForma11 suite of laboratory tests. See below for our link to more information.

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