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There are two types of pneumonia vaccine currently in use in the UK, recommended by the Department of Health and used in the NHS vaccination programmes:

One is Prevenar 13 and the other is Pneumovax 23. We are seeing a large uptake of people wishing to vaccinate against pneumonia after the Covid-19 crisis and we have worked hard to secure vaccines for those registered on our waiting list – the vaccine being used predominantly is Pneumovax 23 which protects against 23 strains of the bacteria causing pneumonia.

Pneumovax 23

£140 per dose

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This vaccine is recommended for everyone aged over 65 and is also suitable for children over the age of 2 years and adults. Usually only one dose is required.

Pneumovax 23 is used in the UK in the NHS vaccination programme for everyone aged over 65 but is available privately to everyone over the age of two years.

The vaccine protects again the pneumococcus bacteria which is responsible for many cases of pneumonia in the UK.

Prevenar 13


* Currently out of stock * Click on link below to register

Part of the childhood schedule AND for anybody else requesting vaccination against pneumonia, the Prevenar 13 vaccine is available privately for all ages.


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Did you know you can protect yourself against pneumonia?

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