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Have you Lost or Damaged your Yellow Fever Certificate? Get your Replacement Here

If your Yellow Fever Certificate has been lost, damaged, or requires a replacement for any reason, we are here to assist you. To obtain a replacement certificate, please provide the following documents and information via the form link below:

  1. Copy of Passport: A clear, legible copy of your current passport photo page.
  2. Vaccine Details: The specific details of your Yellow Fever vaccination, including the batch number, manufacturer and date of vaccination.  This can be obtained from the practice who administered your vaccine or your Yellow Fever certificate.

Please ensure that the provided information is accurate and matches the original records to facilitate the process of issuing a replacement certificate.  The fee for a certificate is £50.

**Important Note**: Please be aware that the issuance of a replacement Yellow Fever Certificate is subject to verification of the provided information and adherence to the necessary regulations and guidelines.  You will need to collect the certificate from our practice and bring your passport with you.

For further assistance or enquiries, please contact our customer support team on 01483 230481.


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