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Twitter Meningitis B Update 3 March

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** BOOK AND RESERVE NOW** £260 per dose

We are DELIGHTED to announce that we have secured some Meningitis B stock for new customers and we are embarking again upon vaccinating new families. In order to secure your first Meningitis B vaccine we require you to read the following and then follow the procedure outlined below so that we can manage our phone lines and call volumes which are expected to be high;

  • Decide which vaccines you wish to book-Meningitis B/Meningitis ACWY/Chickenpox
  • Call 01483 230481 and be ready to book – choose Option 2
  • Pay the non-refundable fee of £260 to secure your Meningitis B vaccine

Terms and Conditions:
We will book you into an appointment slot with one of our doctors. The scheduled appointment is for the administration of the vaccination only;  if you would like advice before the vaccination then please book a consultation with our doctor (£85 weekdays, £105 weekends). We require payment in full for your vaccine(s) at time of booking. Meningitis B Vaccines cost £260 per dose (not per course!) and we will only be able to book your first dose – boosters will be arranged in due course. Payment via Credit Card will attract a £3 surcharge – no surcharge for debit cards. The price of vaccines can rise and fall.

IMPORTANT:  Children over 2 years of age will need two doses of vaccine. Children under 2 will need 3 doses of vaccine