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Archives for September 2019

Fountain pen - Doctors in Guildford - Surrey GP

Our customers say…

Thanks to Dr Skilbeck and Dr Lewis for all their help in resolving this issue. Nice, spacious and calm waiting environment. Thanks so much Louise!  I truly appreciate your prompt & great service. Great service!!! Thanks for all your help. Really…

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Baby - private medical practice - Surrey GP

Measles leaves children at risk of other deadly diseases

  Children who catch measles are at risk of developing other deadly conditions in the following five years because the disease erases their immunity, scientists have found.  In the first study to show that vaccination has broader effects than simply…

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Medicated drugs - Vaccination centre - Surrey GP

Call for HPV jab to be offered to older boys

Following the introduction of the HPV vaccine to boys aged 12 and 13, there have been calls for older boys to be offered the vaccine as well. See the following link for more details. If you would like to…

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